New communication center
fimmtudagur, 9. ágú

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Few days ago Nordata finished designing and building a new communication center for a health care provider here in Iceland. The project was really successful and caught the attention of a few parties abroad. One of them Chatworth Products, CPI wrote a short article about it which can be read by clicking the following link.

New communication center

Successful IT-convention
miðvikudagur, 23. mar

With the IT-convention past, the consensus within Nordata is that it was a great success. We would like to thank everyone that visited our booth at the University of Reykjavik. The organizers estimate that about 2.500 people visited the convention on Saturday but exact numbers are difficult to ascertain due to the fact that people were spread out and were coming and going throughout the day.

Nordata also participated in the convention on Friday, when the topic was passive cooling. The 220 participants in the convention declared themselves quite pleased with the five lecture lines offered.
Nordata would like to thank the organizers of the IT-convention for well-organized and successful days. Judging from the number of visitors and companies displaying their wares, the IT-convention is here to stay.


fimmtudagur, 17. mar

IT – convention
On the 18th and 19th of March, Nordata will be participating in an IT-convention, set up by The Icelandic Society for Information Processing – ISIP. The convention is meant to focus attention on the importance of information technology and its influence on individuals, companies and Icelandic society. The aim is to see a marked increase in the number of students choosing to pursue technological studies at the country's universities.

On the 18th of March, a visiting specialist will lecture on behalf of Nordata on passive cooling. On Saturday 19th of March the company will take direct part in the convention and we encourage people to attend, in numbers, and chat with us.

For further information about the convention click here: 


The legal environment of datacenters
sunnudagur, 26. des

Recently, Alþingi (The Icelandic parliament) passed a bill amending clauses on value-added tax on datacenters in Iceland. The amendments entail that value-added tax will no longer be added to services sold to foreign parties or put on imported servers to be housed in Icelandic datacenters. The passing of these amendments means the Icelandic datacenters are now on equal terms when it comes to competing with foreign companies in the same field.

The development and build-up of this eco-friendly business should now get into full swing, which should be interesting to follow.


A visit from CPI specialists
þriðjudagur, 26. okt

On October 19 to the 21. Nordata was visited by two specialists from CPI (Chatsworth Products Inc.), one a sales-manager for Northern Europe and the other a senior datacenter designer. The visit prompted two conferences, one with Nordata collaborating with ISIP (The Icelandic Society for Information Processing) but the other hosted by Nordata alone. The subject of both conferences was innovation in passive cooling. There were a great many participants, who made the most of the opportunity, asking interesting questions and offering their own intriguing ideas.

Company visits
föstudagur, 3. sep
During the days of August 31st through September 2nd Nordata was visited by a specialist from Emerson. On the agenda were visits to several companies where colleagues were offered the chance of enlightening discussions. The result was an extensive and informing conversation, which was much appreciated by those who participated.
Seminar on computer cabling material
laugardagur, 14. ágú
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fimmtudagur, 12. ágú
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Foundation of The Federation of Icelandic Data Centers (ICEDC)
miðvikudagur, 4. ágú
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